About Us

Schubat Contracting and Renovations is built upon what we like to refer to as the three pillars of business: Passion, Quality and Transparency. We pride ourselves on bringing these unique qualities to each home we build, renovate or remodel.

For us building homes is not simply a business, it is a commitment. You simply discuss with us what you would like and we listen carefully. It takes many hands to build a dream home, it takes our master builder to make sure each craftsman is committed to your dream.

Our standards are some of the highest in the industry. Each project is planned down to the last detailed feature and completed with that same attention to detail. Our craftsmen are chosen with our same high standards in mind, that they share the same passion and commitment to quality that we do.

Trust and Communication are paramount. As we progress further into the 21st century with more advances in technology, it is easy to lose sight of "personal communication", we understand that, and while posting tweets, sending texts, and emails is a convienence, we like to maintain an open line of communication... what we like to call good old fashioned "face to face communication", the kind of communication that builds Trust and Transparency!

We are confident that your next "dream project" with Schubat Contracting and Renovations will be unlike any other construction process. We pride ourselves on our "distinctive" craftsmanship and complete each project as if it were our own. We hope you will let Schubat Contracting and Renovations make your "dream" become a reality.

Schubat Contracting: Building Dreams... One Home at a Time
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